Latest Update on Missing Malaysian MH-370 Flight

By on March 29, 2014

Search operation for missing plane

After the Chinese Military search operation, the New Zealand military comes into the story and claims that they spotted different objects floating in the Indian Ocean. These objects could be from missing Malaysian MH-370 flight. Sources close to the authorities suggest that a ship has been sent to the search area and will reach the location on Saturday to find whether it is from missing plane or not.

The new location is about 1,150 miles from the Perth (a city of Australia) and is 80% smaller than the previous one that covers around 123,167 square miles. That particular part of Indian Ocean is difficult to search as it’s a hub of massive winds and waves. Weather conditions are no less bad there. The depth figure is also causing problem that could be of 6,560 to 13,000 feet down from the sea level. Next week could be in our favor to conduct search operations as weather won’t be that bad, the Civil Aviation chief, Mr. Hussein says.

update on missing plane

IMAGE: Australian Maritime Safety Authority

A few days back, the satellites from Thailand and Japan exposed some images showing loads of objects that could also be the debris of missing plane. We’ve seen Chinese military claiming that they’ve found some white-squared objects in the Southern Indian Ocean. So, the question arises to one mind; are they all approaching to the same location? If not that doesn’t make sense.

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