Global Pink Hijab Day – September 4, 2012

By on September 4, 2012

What is Hijab?

Hijab is a veil used by the Muslim women, which can wrap the hair and neck. Particularly it protects the Muslim women in the presence of non-related mature males in the society.

Hijab is normally belongs to Muslim women, however in other religions such like Christianity, Jews the some religious women wear the scarf to cover them but the word ‘Hijab’ is generally related to Muslim women.

What is Global Pink Hijab Day?

The first time the Global Pink Hijab Day, was begun as an experimental decision by the founder of Hend El Buri, as well as some high school students was also the part of campaign in Columbia, Missouri. One of the most important purposes of that campaign was the breast cancer awareness, among the women. Many women and young girls join the walk about the awareness campaign by wearing pink headscarves, as well as they promote awareness and support for the case.

Today, 4th September 2012, Global Pink Hijab Day has become the worldwide movement, as well as the men also participated in the walks by wearing pink caps, to celebrate breast cancer awareness. Today it has been taking place in all over the world by some school and student organizations.

In the recent past an Egyptian News caster, Fatma Nabil made history as the first woman on the state television to read the news when she wears a veil, before some days ago the Global Pink Hijab Day. Now the Hijab has become an identity of the Muslim women as she fell some protection while wearing hijab, it is necessary to take some more steps to make it popular in all over the world. However some Non-Muslims unlike hijab and they have taken the help of court for to ban the hijab in their country, but the protest of Muslim community is still continue about this issue.


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