Lady Gaga at MTV Video Music Awards 2013

By on July 26, 2013

The upcoming album by Lady Gaga is going to revile in the next MTV Video Music Awards as she is going to stage with her a song of “ARTPOP”.

Lady Gaga at MTV This performance at MTV Award Show will be the first stage show after her break due to hip surgery this year. Lady Gaga confirmed her performance at 2013 MTV show, the network announced Thursday.

The MTV VMA stage is where the pop singer will be in form with her comeback in the industry following hip surgery previous this year.

There are a huge number of fans waiting to watch their favorite singer’s performance at stage, and it is expecting a great comeback of pop singer as she is going to perform with her full spirit.

In the past, we have seen that Lady Gaga has appeared in unique dresses some of them was impressive but some goes to in wardrobe malfunctions, now this time we have to wait for next performance Lady Gaga in 2013’s VMA.

“ARTPOP” reaches November 11 as a custom fleshly and digital product with the release of a music app.

However, Gaga’s performance has not been announced yet, and the next 2013 MTV Video Music Awards date will be announced later.

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