Google Santa Tracker Interesting instead of NORAD Santa Tracker

By on December 23, 2012

Google Santa TrackerA new trend is in focus as there are two Santa Trackers are available for this year’s Christmas before this just NORAD tracker was available now we are here to see another tracker named Google Santa Tracker.

The countdown was started on the 1st of December on both trackers and people are using the Google tracker mostly as this is impressive and interesting for children as well as for younger and edge people who love Santa.

There are different type of applications are available for enjoyment, the first one is very impressive to send a message to your loved ones in the voice of Santa.

You just need to answer the simple questions about yourself and your message receiver in reply of questions from Santa after that you can send a message to your loved ones to send a message.

The answers asked by Santa such as your age, yours and your receiver name, what is the relation of you with him or her, what you want to send him this Christmas, where he/she live etc…???

After answering the simple question you can send a Christmas message whom you want to wish with the help of Google Santa Tracker.

A box throwing game is the part of Google Tracker Santa which is impressive for children a teaching class and catching gifts in the air make it interesting.

You can see the packing of gifts, cookies and candies which will be delivered on 25th December on the day of Christmas.

However, the most interesting part of Santa Tracker of Google is sending messages to your loved ones in the voice of Santa. On the other hand NORAD Santa Tracker is just a countdown timer.


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